Launching SB Golden Turtle - Gratitude gift for Hung Kings Festival

Dear Nami community,

On the occasion of Hung Kings Festival, the sacred traditional festival of the Vietnamese people, Nami is pleased to announce the launch of SB Golden Turtle, part of the Miracle Fest collection, to express gratitude and national pride. This is also a special gift from Nami to the community to express gratitude and appreciation for the achievements left by previous generations.

1.About SB Golden Turtle

'When drinking water, remember its source' is a beautiful and proud tradition of the Vietnamese people. To uphold and continue this noble tradition, Nami introduces SB Golden Turtle to express its gratitude to previous generations.

Inspired by the image of the golden turtle, a sacred symbol closely associated with the founding history of the Hung Kings, SB Golden Turtle is an item that brings luck, prosperity, and good health to its owner.

2. Detailed Information about SB Golden Turtle

2.1 Mechanism

Subject: All Nami Exchange users

Quantity: 1,000 SB

Distribution: Based on the Copy Trade product, there will be two main distribution methods:

  • For Master: Masters who attract 2 new Copiers during the program period will receive SB Golden Turtle.
  • For Copiers: Copiers who copy 2 new Masters during the program period will receive SB Golden Turtle.

SB Golden Turtle will be automatically distributed to users immediately after the system successfully updates the user's Copy Trade information (once per hour).

2.2 Benefits

SB Golden Turtle is a special gift that Nami wants to offer to community on Hung Kings Festival. User is able to own SB Mermaid permanently, and can use this SB as the avatar profile for your Nami Exchange account.

2.3 Timeline

From 2024.04.17 17:00 to 2024.04.24 17:00 (UTC) or until the numbers of SB are distributed completely.

Best Regards,

More Information:

Note: Nami reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reason without prior notice.

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