Futures maintenance with LIT trading pairs

Dear Nami Community,

After evaluating the risks that may occur with LIT trading pairs, Nami would like to announce the temporary maintenance of Futures trading for LIT/VNDC and LIT/USDT on Nami Futures and ONUS Futures.

Maintenance method:

  • The system will stop accepting new orders (including opening new positions and increasing trading volume orders) from 15:00 on October 04, 2022 (UTC).
  • Users can still partially or completely close positions with those trading pairs after the time announced above.

Expected maintenance time: from 15:00 on October 04, 2022 to 15:00 on October 07, 2022 (UTC)

Update on October 07, 2022: The maintenance was completed, all trading activities with LIT return to normal since 15:00 October 07, 2022 (UTC)

Best Regards,

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