Buy Back Rule: BNB Session
20/08/2019 would like to inform New Rule for Buy Back Offering - BNB Session which starts by 08:08 PM August 26, 2019 (GMT+7)

  • Buy Back: BNB/USDT
  • Total Buy Back: 2000 BNB
  • Buy Back Price: 1 BNB = 40 USDT
  • Buy Back mechanism: lottery ticket
  • SPIN holding period: at least 3 days before Buy Back time
  • Ticket issue: 07:00 pm, 26/08/2019
  • Lottery Draw: 08:08 pm, 26/08/2019
  • Winning lottery tickets: maximum 50 BNB/ticket, no limit to number of winning ticket

Buy Back Mechanism

  • 07:00 PM 26/8/2019, number of tickets will be issued to users based on SPIN holding.
  • 07:00PM - 08:00PM, 26/8/2019, user will fill in the sale amount of BNB for each ticket, maximum 50 BNB/ticket
  • 08:08PM 26/8/2019, start Lottery Draw and Announce 40 winning tickets to complete the BNB sale order.

For example, user holding 5000 SPIN will receive 4 tickets, maximum 50 BNB/ticket. He has 200 BNB in balance at current market price of $27/BNB and allocated these BNB to sell in 4 tickets. Luckily, he got 2 winning tickets and can sell 100 BNB at Buy Back price of $40/BNB. As a result, he earns profit of 1300 USDT and keep all his 5000 SPIN in balance. Deposit USDT, buy BNB now! SPIN balance will be scanned continually for the next series of Buy Back programs as below

Terms and Conditions

Users are required to hold SPIN at least 3 days before Buy Back time. SPIN balance will be scanned automatically by 00:00 everyday. Your ticket claim will depend on the lowest balance as below table:

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