Announcement of VIDB trading close

Dear Nami community,According to the project development needs, based on the proposal of the VIDB token development team, Nami Exchange will delist and stop the trading of token VIDB with VIDB/VNDC pair from 13:00 (UTC +7) on October 23, 2021, Specifically:

  • Nami Exchange will delist VIDB Tokens, stop trading VIDB/VNDC pairs, cancel open buy/sell limit orders, and returns tokens to user wallets
  • After this point, according to the project's regulations, users have 30 days to transfer VIDB tokens to VNDC Wallet Pro (later Onus application) for the automatic conversion from VIDB to the new ONUS token, the deadline is November 22, 2021

About ONUS Token - VIDB Token after conversion

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