Announcement of support to convert MAN to ONUS

Dear Nami Community,

On July 25, 2022, the ONUS partner officially completed the acquisition of the 100MAN project, in order to ensure the interests of users, Nami Exchange announced a plan to support the conversion of MAN tokens into ONUS at 10:00 on July 26. 2022 (UTC).

Token conversion rate: 1 MAN = 0.0099 ONUS (1 MAN = 123 VNDC; 1 ONUS = 12,348)

Accordingly, all MAN tokens in user wallets stored on Nami Exchange will be automatically converted into ONUS tokens from the aforementioned time.

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Information about ONUS

  • Token Name : Onus
  • Ticket: ONUS
  • Standard: BSC, Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 98,220,390 ONUS
  • Circulating Supply: 97,106,390 ONUS
  • Smart Contract address:
  • ERC-20: 0x4184aa04215e5d716dd4c213fed519acadc68f92
  • BEP-20: 0x1851ccd370c444ff494d7505e6103959bce9f9d9

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About ONUS

ONUS is one of the most popular crypto investment apps in Vietnam with over 2 million downloads and a full ecosystem of financial products for investors. ONUS focuses on optimizing the user experience, redesigning complex financial products so that anyone can understand and start the path of financial investment.

About Nami Exchange

Name Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform to trade over 400 cryptocurrencies. In Vietnam, Nami is well known as the first Exchange providing the Futures product since 2019 as an official partner of Binance Futures. Nami's professional team has built and developed an ecosystem of tools to support optimizing profits for investors comprehensively.


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