Announcement: Nami Futures will increase number of limit orders for VNDC pairs

Nami Futures would like to announce that from 04/11/2020, Nami Futures will increase the maximum orders to 20 orders. Previously, Nami Futures applied maximum of 5 orders for VNDC pairs per account each time. However, with 16 different VNDC trading pairs, to meet the requirements of users, the number of limit orders will be increased up to 20 order. Currently, users have more options each time. Tips:Funds management: Increasing limit number of orders allow users put more orders with more choices for their investment. However, it also brings about the risk, please respond for your decision on investment capital. Copy Trade system: there are more than 800 masters on Nami Copy Trade systems. Therefore, users should set suitable quantity for each Master to ensure your investment. Shorten function: this function allows screen to display more orders they are opening. Tab the small button on the app, next to history for using shorten function.

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