Nami Futures announces to raise the limit of orders VNDC Futures

Dear Nami Community,

In order to optimize and bring more benefits to investors using Nami Futures products, Nami Corporation would like to announce to increase the maximum limit of VNDC Futures orders opened at the same time to 50 orders from 14:00 ( UTC + 7 ) on August 16, 2021.

Specifically, from this point on, Nami Futures will raise the maximum order limit opened at the same time with VNDC Futures pairs to 50 orders (up from 20 orders).

Trading USDT Futures still keeps the 20 orders limit as the old mechanism.

To use and experience new updates in Nami Futures products, please access the Nami Exchange application or log in to the Nami.Exchange website.


Trading Futures is an extremely risky activity, with the potential for both large returns and significant losses. Profits in the past will not reflect future profits. In the event of a strong price volatility, it is likely that all of your margin balances will be liquidated. The information provided herein should not be taken as financial advice or investment advice. Take your own risks when using trading strategies. Nami will not be liable for any losses that may arise from your use of futures.

See more: Nami Futures Terms of Service.

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