Receive 5 USDT with SB Blue Tang from Sea La Vie Collection

Following the success of the first digital asset collection Ocean Eyes, we are excited to introduce the next collection from Nami Infinity: Sea La Vie -  with new attractive features for owners.

Kicking off this collection will be a Skynamia Badge (SB) with an exclusive offer for global users. Let's explore Sea La Vie and the first representative of this digital asset collection.

1.Sea La Vie Overview

The Beginning of the Sea is a miraculous story of creation and evolution. It is not only an important part of the Earth's ecosystem, but also an endless motivation for humans to explore the world.

Based on this inspiration, we have created Sea La Vie - the next digital asset collection by Nami Infinity. Sea La Vie represents the spirit of new investors - who are willing to take on challenges and seek for new knowledge in the financial market

The first representative of the Sea La Vie collection is the SB Blue Tang. This is a small fish that lives in the Pacific region. They are very agile and love to explore the Ocean.

The image of Blue Tang is associated with new investors - who are curious by nature and know how to make use of their expertise as well as opportunities to maximize investments and profits.

Type: SB (Skymania Badge)

Tier: Common (C)

Quantity: 10,000 SB

2. Detailed Information of SB Blue Tang

2.1. Mechanism

  • Subject: Global users (except Vietnamese),
  • Quantity: 10,000 SB
  • Distribution Method: After completing KYC, the system will notify user to claim the SB Blue Tang reward. This SB will be automatically transferred to the Infinity wallet and activated right after user presses the claim button.

2.2. Benefit

SB Blue Tang owners  will receive 5 USDT as a Nami Futures USDT trading fee refund

2.3. Timeline

  • Application period: from 2023-09-27 04:00 to 2023-12-31 04:00 (UTC) or until all prizes are awarded
  • SB Expire date: 7 days from the receipt and activation date (regardless of the program's application period; for example, if a user receives and activates SB on 2023-10-25, they still have 7 days of refunding trading fee, and the benefits will expire on 2023-11-01).

3. Important notices:

  • USDT received as a trading fee refund for Nami Futures USDT will be calculated and transferred to the Spot wallet every hour, between 1st and 5th minute of the next hour.
  • Fee refund benefits only apply to Nami Futures trades margin in USDT.
  • Users can check the amount of trading fees refunded out of the total 5 USDT in the SB information section of the Infinity wallet and review the details of fee-refunded transactions in the Transaction History.
  • Fee refund trades will NOT incur commissions for referrers and community development partners

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Note: Nami reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reason without prior notice.

Risk Warning: Digital asset prices can be volatile. The value of your investment may go down or up and you may not get back the amount invested. You are solely responsible for your investment decisions and Nami is not liable for any losses that might arise from your investment. This information should not be regarded as financial or investment advice.

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