Nami updates fast withdrawal limit according to VIP level

In order to ensure the balance between convenience in transactions and safety for customers' assets. From 14:00 on May 12, 2021 (GMT+7), Nami Exchange will update the fast withdrawal limit according to VIP level. Specifically, according to the new regulations, VIP customers will inherit the right of fast withdrawal based on the volume and withdrawal time according to the additional regulations below:

VIP Nami LevelNumber of NAMIs required to ownFast withdrawal right by trading volume (USD unit)
Each orderWithin 6 hours
VIP 0No requirement4,0006,000
VIP 120,0005,0007,500
VIP 250,0006,0009,000
VIP 3100,0008,00012,000
VIP 4200,00010,00015,000
VIP 5500,00012,00018,000
VIP 61,000,00014,00021,000
VIP 72,000,00016,00024,000
VIP 83,000,00018,00027,000
VIP 95,000,00020,00030,000


  • Fast withdrawal limit within 6 hours is calculated from the time the customer makes the withdrawal order.
  • This provision applies only to the right of fast withdrawal. Currently, Nami Exchange has not applied daily withdrawal limit.
  • If the withdrawal limit is exceeded as above, customers can still make withdrawal orders but the system will process slower than fast withdrawal orders.

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