Nami Exchange announces the upgrade of the trading system and Fee Schedule adjustment

Dear Nami Exchange community,

In order to improve transaction quality and optimize user experience, from 00:00 on March 9th, 2022 (UTC+7), Nami Exchange applies a new trading system and updates the fee schedule, specifically as follows:

  1. Nami upgraded the trading system, helping to reduce trading spreads, making users benefit from lower buying prices and higher selling prices.

What is Spread?

Spread (or Bid-Ask Spread) is the difference between the Bid (Highest Buy Price) and Ask (Lowest Sale Price) of a transaction object at a given time. In some exchanges, although it is announced that they do not charge transaction fees, in fact, all are included in the Spread fee at that exchange, users need to consider carefully when choosing because sometimes the Spread fee is even larger than Transaction fees.

Spread is calculated according to the formula:

Spread = Ask Price - Bid Price

Spread fee calculation is necessary to build a suitable trading strategy, the high spread fee will have a big impact when users trade often, if the frequency of opening and closing transactions is high, the spread fee will be quite a lot. Spread fee calculation method:

Spread Fee = Spread * Trading Volume

By upgrading the trading system and reducing the spread, thereby reducing the spread fee, Nami Exchange ensures the highest benefits of users when trading Spot, thereby optimizing profits for users.

Change in spread of BTC/VNDC trading pair before (picture 1) and after (picture 2): 17,007,072 VNDC and 3,866,795 VNDC.

Change in BTC/USDT trading pair spread before (picture 1) and after (picture 2): 62 USDT and 0.01 USDT.

Change in spread of USDT/VNDC trading pair before (picture 1) and after (picture 2): 73 VNDC and 39 VNDC

  1. From this point on, Nami announces a new fee schedule for Spot and Swap trading at 0.1% of the trade volume for each completed order.
  2. Users will also enjoy a 25% fee discount if they use NAMI tokens to pay transaction fees.

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