Announcement of delisting SFO and BDS tokens on April 01, 2022 (UTC+7)

Dear Nami Community,

Nami Exchange will periodically conduct a review of each digital asset that Nami lists to ensure that the token continues to meet the high standards expected by the community. When a token no longer meets this standard, we will conduct a more in-depth review and potentially delist it. Nami Exchange does this to ensure the best interests of Nami users and the Nami community.

When making assessments, Nami will consider many factors, here are some criteria for evaluating tokens on Nami Exchange:

  • The team's commitment to the project
  • Level and quality of project development activities
  • Trading volume and liquidity
  • The stability of Smartcontract
  • Level of public communication
  • Evidence of unethical/fraudulent behavior or operational errors.
  • Contribution to a general healthy and sustainable cryptocurrency ecosystem…

Based on the most recent reviews of Nami Exchange and the agreement of the projects’ development team, we have decided to cease trading on all trading pairs for the following tokens at 17:00 on 31.03.2022 (UTC): Sunflower Token (SFO) and BDS Token (BDS)


  • Trading pairs will be removed: SFO/VNDC and BDS/VNDC
  • All open trading orders will be closed automatically after stopping trading in each respective trading pair.
  • Deposits of these tokens will be closed at 17:00 on 31.03.2022 (UTC).
  • Withdrawals with these tokens will continue to be supported until further notice.
  • Users can continue to trade SFO on PancakeSwap with the SFO/BUSD trading pair, as well as store and continue trading BDS on supporting platforms such as Metamask wallet, Trust wallet, Kardiachain wallet or BDS application .

Best Regards,

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