Referral Mechanism on Nami Exchange

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In order to encourage the development and expansion of the Nami community, as well as facilitate the introduction of Nami Exchange products to new users, Nami will introduce and apply the new Referral Program from 2023-01-14 04:00 (UTC).

What is Referral Program?

For each new user successfully referred and using Nami products, the referrer will receive a commission from trading fees of Futures trading products, Spot trades, Convert trades and from Daily Staking interest.

At Nami Exchange, when successfully referring a friend to join, the referrer can receive up to 20% commission directly from the transaction fee and daily interest of the friend.

Commission rate

a. Spot, Swap and Futures trading

Users can enjoy commissions of up to 20% of trading fees from referrals' Spot, Swap and Futures transactions. Trading Commissions will be compounded once every hour.

b. Daily Staking

User will receive commission up to 20% Daily Staking referral's actual profit. Commissions will be paid daily at the same time as Daily Staking interest is paid (17:00 UTC)

c. Nami Insurance

With the Nami Insurance product on Nami Exchange, users will have the opportunity to receive a commission of up to 1% of the total Q-Cover insurance value for the insurance contracts of the referred person. Commissions are compounded every hour. Please note, depending on the status of the insurance contract when closing, the formula for calculating the Commission will change as follows:

  • Commission for Paid contracts = Commission Rate x Q-Cover
  • Commission for Margin Refund contracts = Commission Rate x Margin
  • Liquidated contracts do not generate commissions

d. Nami Earn

Users will receive the commission of 5% the referral's Earn reward, Nami Earn commission will be paid at the end of the Earn period. Nami Earn registration withdrawn before maturity will not incur commission.

e. Nami Lending

Users will receive commission of 5% the actual lending interest of the referrals, this lending interest will only be settled when the loan ends (at the end of the loan term, loan liquidation or upon early settlement loan), therefore, Nami Lending commissions will also be paid when the loan ends.

The commission rates for basic users from direct referral:

Commission Rate
SpotFuturesSwapDaily StakingNami InsuranceNami EarnNami Lending
Basic User20%20%20%20%1%5%5%

Diverse commission sharing rates for friends

Users can now create different Referral Codes with the option of getting commission rate back and sharing to the referrer. Each user can set up to 20 referral codes at a time, with different sharing rates.

Note that the commission sharing rate only applies to commissions from direct referrals.

Important Notice:

  • The commission will be transferred to the user's Commission wallet. Users can withdraw the commission to the main wallet when the commission with each asset reaches the equivalent quantity of: 10,000 VNDC, 10,000 VNST, 0.5 USDT, 10 NAO or 50 NAMI.
  • The user cannot change referrer once the referral relationship has been established.
  • Users need to complete KYC to use this feature
  • Users can track detailed commissions as well as successfully registered friends list on Commission Report.
  • Nami Earn and Nami Lending commissions will be converted to USDT and paid to each user's Commission Wallet

How to create and attach referral links according to the new mechanism

How to create referral link on Nami Exchange app

Step 1: Log in to Nami.Exchange, select Account.

Step 2: Select Referral.

Step 3: In the Info tab, select Referral Code Management, then select Add Referral Code.

Step 4: Set the appropriate rate of commission received and shared and select Create. For your convenience, you can enter 8 characters in the Referral Code field.

Step 5: Confirm successful creation

How to create referral link on Nami Exchange website

Step 1: Log in to Nami.Exchange

Step 2: Select Product, than choose Referral Report

Step 3: Select Referral Code Management

Step 4: Select Add Referral Code

Step 5: Set the appropriate share and receive commission rate and select Create, for your convenience, you can enter 8 characters in the Referral Code field.

Step 6: Select Confirm

How to attach the referral link on Nami Exchange app

Step 1: Log in to Nami.Exchange , select Accounts.

Step 2: Select Nami ID

Step 3: Select Referee

Step 4: Enter the corresponding Referral Code and select Submit


Users who create a Nami Exchange account with a referral link will be automatically assigned the referral code of the link owner.

How to attach the referral link on Nami Exchange website

Step 1: Log in to Nami.Exchange

Step 2: Select Personal Profile

Step 3: Select Set Referral, then enter the referral code and press Confirm

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Note: Nami reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reason without prior notice.

Risk Warning: Digital asset prices can be volatile. The value of your investment may go down or up and you may not get back the amount invested. You are solely responsible for your investment decisions and Nami is not liable for any losses that might arise from your investment. This information should not be regarded as financial or investment advice.

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